Who is Lucy Partington Photography?

I’m an Adelaide based photographer who specialises in real life moments. Capturing everything from weddings, family portraits, newborns, commercial events, music and theatre. As well as selling prints from my own personal photography (I hope you like clouds!).

How long have you been doing Photography?

I’ve been taking photographs for over 20 years. I established my first business, ‘Bottles Photography’ in 2014, and rebranded to Lucy Partington Photography in 2018. I did my first wedding way back in 2012 and took to being a ‘professional’ photographer in 2017!

What is your background in Photography?

I’ve always loved studying photography and design and will continue to do this faaaaar into the future. My newest idea is to further my study in the visual arts area or possibly film (I really love learning). It’s important for me to note that I don’t think it’s necessary to have a background in study to be successful creatively, I simply love being inspired and being surrounded like-minded creatives, which is why I continue to study.

My qualifications to date (watch this space):

Certificate 4 Photo Imaging, Tafe SA, 2009

Diploma of Photo Imaging, The Centre for Creative Photography, 2016

Bachelor of Communication Design, 2018

Do you have a second shooter or back up?

I’m a solo shooter for all events except large weddings. For all large weddings I’ll now be working with an assistant/second photographer for a portion of the day. The main photos they’ll be capturing are photos of the guests and assisting me with family portraits so together we can truly capture all the amazing moments! If for any emergency reason I’m unable to attend a wedding (it would only ever be an emergency that could keep me from you!), I have a close support network of accomplished photographers to call on – you won’t be without an amazing photographer!

What’s your style? Do you have one?

Oh yes – we all do, don’t we? If you’ve come this far I hope it means you’re into my pictures (or you just like read FAQs?!). My photos are full of colour! I don’t really do the ‘earthy tones’ that some others do (nothing against them, just not my jam), I focus on light so you’ll notice a lot of my images are quite ‘moody’ but there are also some super bright ones. It truly depends on the day, on the event, and most importantly what ol’ mother nature is doing for us.

What is your wedding photography style?

There is candid wedding photography and traditional wedding photography. Both are lovely, but they are very different. I have a more candid style, I like to document your day rather that instruct it. There’s minimal posing (any posing is usually confined to family portraits), I want you to have fun and not be ‘bogged down’ with photos. It’s the biggest party of your life with your numero uno – let’s just have fun!


Will I photoshop your face onto a Kardashian body? No.

Will I edit your photos to bring out the absolute magic of the day? Yes.


Heck yes! These are ‘add-ons’ which you can purchase at a later date. All my packages are a base price to start with, then we can tailor these further to suit what you’re looking for, priced accordingly.

What are you like on the day?

A whole lot of fun is what I am!! Ok, seriously… I am the ultimate professional, but I like to keep things light-hearted to make sure that everyone is comfortable and having a good time. Because that is when the gold comes out, and I’m ready and waiting to capture the magic!

We acknowledge the Kaurna people, traditional owners of the land on which our events exist. We respect their ongoing connection to land, sea and culture, and pay our respects to Elders past and present